It’s hard to believe we’re almost at the end of term 3! The German room has been a VERY busy learning space this term with all students engaging in a variety of different activities.

Here is a snapshot of what has been happening!

Junior Primary:

This term the junior primary students have been focussing on a range of activities. The Reception students started the term looking at body parts in German and then moved into exploring a range of vocabulary through the very popular Eric Carle book, ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar.’ We have been celebrating many birthdays along the way with our German birthday song and learning lots of new games, like Kahoot!

The Year 1 and 2 students started their term with a focus on classroom objects. We participated in a lot of different activities to learn our vocabulary, such as treasure hunts, Seesaw activities and even recorded ourselves speaking in German to share our learning with our families! Over the past couple of weeks we have been learning to count higher and higher in German.

Year 3/4:

The Year 3/4 students started their term with a focus on hobbies. We learnt how to say which hobbies we enjoyed and even prepared and performed a short roleplay in only one lesson! We have now moved into a focus on houses and are working through a series of activities to demonstrate our learning. We are working towards writing our own sentences using a range of prepositions and have been organising German nouns into der/die/das categories. We are getting better at remembering to use a capital letter for a German noun. The best part of this task has been designing a room using Book Creator!

Year 5/6/7:

The Year 5/6 students started this term focussing on food in German. We worked with an authentic resource – a supermarket catalogue Frau Smith brought back from Germany – and had to prepare a 2 day menu with a budget of €20. This was a LOT of fun!

The Year 7 students started this term focussing on the Berlin Wall and the effects it had on the people of Germany. We then studied a number of places in Berlin that are linked to the Berlin Wall and constructed our own modal verb sentences to describe things we could see at each place.

Now our older students are engaging in a topic focussing on recycling in Germany – an area they excel in! We are using Google Maps to find real life examples of their recycling bins in communities, using Languagenut to learn new vocabulary and will be creating posters in German to promote recycling.

As you can see, a very busy and successful term. We are looking forward to continuing our German learning in Term 4.

Frau Smith / Carly Smith



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