We began our first transition visit program last Wednesday, welcoming new parents and reception students for 2021.

Our year seven students enjoyed helping out in the classrooms, ensuring our new receptions’ first experience at Craigburn Primary School was fun and successful.

We would like to give a big shout out to the following year 7  students who bravely stood up in front of our new parents sharing their experiences and thoughts about being a student of Craigburn Primary School. They delivered  heartfelt speeches that were appreciated and well received.

Year 7  Students and their Speeches

AbbieHi my name is Abbie, and I’m here to talk about some of my favourite things at Craigburn. Interoception is a widely implemented program we started this year. There is a really nice Interoception space for children to relax and calm down whenever they feel stressed or anxious. Another thing is Tournament of Minds. I have done the Tournament of Minds for 3 years in a row, and I would do it again if I could. This is an amazing opportunity for everyone, whether you like literacy, learning, maths, stem, or just want to have fun. Craigburn Primary School is also a great place to make friends that share the same or similar interests to you. The Environmental Learning Centre is something else I think is really cool here. It’s a big garden where lots of learning takes place.  It’s really good for people from reception to year seven to learn about our environment and how to take care of it. Another thing that is great about Craigburn is Sport’s Day. Sport’s Day is an amazing day where you spend time on heaps of different sports and activities, and get to cheer for your team. It teaches kids how to be a team player even while doing solo activities. I was also nominated to be one of the house captains and it was a very fun experience. Thanks for listening to all the things we love about Craigburn.

HarleyToday I’ll be talking about school camps. Starting from year 3, camps are a great experience and provide special memories your child will cherish for years. The camp provides luxury dorms, delicious food and exciting activities for your child. If your child doesn’t  want to go, then don’t worry, it’s not compulsory. Activities include raft building, giant swing, canoeing, archery, laser tag and much more. The camps that I’ve luckily been to are Mylor, Aldinga, Wirraway and El Shaddai. Your child is almost guaranteed to make new friends, as the teachers put them in groups with people you don’t know that well. About 40% of my friends I met at camps through dorms and group activities. Camps are a memorable experience packed full of great things to you. I’ll also tell you a bit about SAPSASA sport. Luckily, almost all the SAPSASA events happened as they dodged the COVID bullet. SAPSASA stands for South Australian Primary Schools Amateur Sports Association. Sometimes, if there are a lot of kids trying out for a team, there will be a trial. If your child doesn’t get in, then don’t worry your child can still do normal school sport. The sports include basketball, tennis, cricket, netball, hockey, district athletics and soccer. It’s either district, knockout or a carnival. I was lucky enough to participate in basketball this year and last year. It was an amazing experience to represent my school. We did really well and are playing the state final next Monday. Thanks for listening to me and I know your child will have a great experience at Craigburn.

Chenyi Hello my name is Chenyi. I have been to 4 different  schools but this one has been my favourite school. This school is especially amazing due to all of the fun extra curricular activities and great teachers here.

Some extra curricular activities that I’ve been apart of are SLC and SRC which stands for Student Leadership Committee and Student Representative Council. I have been a member of SLC for two years and a member of SRC for another two years as well

A few things I love about being a part of leadership is that you can make new friends and it helps with your confidence when speaking in front of big groups it’s overall a great learning experience for your child. You won’t regret in rolling your child here they’ll have a blast.

Karl – Hi my name is Karl I have been at  Craigburn Primary School for 8 years it has been an  amazing journey.

I have loved this school since the start the teachers make school so much better and I couldn’t of done it without them I couldn’t think of a better school

One of my favourite things about this year is Tournament of minds what was good about tournament of minds was the team spirit also the fun ideas and you and your team has my team had a great time it didn’t matter that we lost it is the enjoyment of the people being around you to help you up when you fall down

You have made a fantastic choice for choosing Craigburn Primary School and you won’t regret it.


Keira Hi everyone! My name’s Keira. I came to Craigburn Primary School from England in year 1. I’ve participated in many different school and extra curricular activities but I’ll talk about them in a little bit. I have enjoyed all my time here and can’t wait to move forward into high school with all the memories and knowledge I’ve gained from Craigburn. Now I’m going to talk a little bit about my greatest achievement, my best experience and Craigburn’s Got Talent. One of the things I’ve done while at Craigburn was Craigburn’s Got Talent. Craigburn’s Got Talent is something really fun for the any of the students to participate in. It’s basically a competition in which students perform and compete for 1st place and a very special trophy. I’ve actually competed in Craigburn’s Got Talent twice now and this year I am very lucky to be judging the competition. It’s super fun and a great opportunity. My best experience was performing in Craigburn’s 2019 production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I played Veruca Salt alongside a lot of my friends. This really boosted my confidence and improved my acting skills. I had a really great time working with everyone and performing at the end of the year. Everyone did an amazing job!

Peter – Hello my name is Peter, Craigburn has been an awesome school.

I’ve been at  Craigburn for 8 years and have been apart of school activities such as pedal prix which I got the opportunity to be apart of, sports day and I have seen many changes for the good of our school.

Pedal Prix is a race were you ride in bike there is 2 races, I’ve done pedal Prix for 2 years now I’ve learnt communication and cooperation. For sports day I was lucky to be nominated as a captain and lead our team to set our place  but we didn’t win.

At Craigburn the school is constantly changing for good. We are all glad you have joined our community.
















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