The Finance Committee has recommended to the Craigburn Primary School Governing Council that the Material and Services (M and S) Charge is set at $440 for 2021 – remaining the same charge as the 2020 school year.

The Materials and Services (M and S) Charge contributes to the cost of providing essential items and services used or consumed by individual students during the course of their learning. This includes printed and electronic materials, access to books, stationery supplies, curriculum materials, printing and copying for use in the educational program, library and information technology resources. Please note, the M and S Charge also covers the cost of all school incursions, being Footsteps, Book Week, Sports Expo / Clinics and Music is Fun. Prior to 2019, these incursions were invoiced separately to families to the value of $30 – $40.

For the 2021 school year, as required by the department, the Governing Council has reviewed the M and S charge, with the recommendation for the M and S charge to remain at $440 – again inclusive of school incursion costs.

We believe that the annual M and S Charge represents great value at roughly $11 per student / school week.

The amount and composition of the M and S Charge for 2021 is set out below.

Parents and caregivers are invited to a public meeting to approve the Materials & Services Charge for the next school year. This meeting will be held on Monday the 26th October at 7.00pm in the school staff room prior to the Governing Council meeting. In lieu of attendance, parents can express their views in writing to the chairperson prior to the meeting. Any such correspondence will be tabled at the meeting. If you have any enquiries regarding this please contact Katelyn Adams (Governing Council Chairperson) via the front office.

Katelyn Adams – Governing Council Chairperson
Kylie Basley – Treasurer

On behalf of the Craigburn Primary School Governing School


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