Is your child missing any personal belongings e.g  uniform items, drink bottles, lunch containers?

We currently have a very large number of lost property items that have not been claimed.

All items can be found in the cube shelving just near the second hand uniform shop.

Any items that have not been collected by the last day of Term 4 (Thursday December 10th) will either be donated to the second hand uniform shop or disposed of accordingly.

Please also take a moment to:

  • contact the front office for smaller more personal belongings.  These will also be disposed of/donated if unclaimed
  • label all belongings (we always aim to return any named items)
  • check your child hasn’t accidentally picked up someone else’s belongings by checking for any other names (this happens from time to time and is appreciated by other families when named items are returned)

We thank you for your assistance with this


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