As you would be aware from our previous post Craigburn has introduced Interoception – being activities and processes to equip all children with skills to self regulate.

To further implement Interoception across the school, School Service Officers, Aimee and Jack, visited Hackham East Primary School who have implemented a highly successful  Interoception Program which is widely recognised across the state.

During their visit they observed students and staff engaging in a range of structured sensory activities in action across the school. 

As a result of their visit, both Aimee and Jack have made some adjustments to our school processes. Some examples of the adjustments include additional furniture and sensory activities along with structured group sessions. We are taking these ideas across the school, including positive self-talk and daily weekly affirmations like the example below.


We look forward to sharing another update soon. In the meantime feel free to try this activity below.

Nicky Taylor – Senior Leader          Jack Walton and Aimee Johnson – SSOs




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